Learn English typing

Learning typing is very essential skill nowadays as most of the operations has been transformed into computer software, much of the writing works now being done through computer typing.

Hence we strongly recommend each and every student to start learning English typing from home.

All the best.
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Course Content

Learn English typing
  1. Introduction
  1. Benefits
  1. Download & Install software
  1. Running TIPP10 software
  1. Home position
  1. Lessons & Interface
  1. Summary

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At the end of the successful course completion, we are offering a industry recoginzed certificate. Our certificates are recognized for its demo of candidate's performance, perfection and the quality of outputs delivered by our alumni of our academy. You will feel proud in holding a course completion certificate from us.


Dhirendra Gupta

No classes or institutes ever speak about what's being asked in interviews and that is one of the many reasons why this tutorial is unique.


I learn many times to put a program but not able to put. but after see this videos. I am very much clear in my idea and now I put many program of my own thank you


Very easy to learn in mother tongue and to apply in program I have forwarded the link to all our friends