VB.NET Programming

Visual Basic.NET is a language from Microsoft, that is widely used for the development of Windows Applications. It is considered to be very best language when comparing with other languages in terms of easy to understand, easy to maintain and development.

Author of this course is considered to be one of the best VB.NET developer for the past 25 years. He is introducing the course in a most professional way and starts teaching from Object Oriented Thinking.

Object oriented thinking is an essential part of this course even before start using OOP concepts.

This course also involves developing a project that will enable the students to get a hands on experience and start developing the projects on ones own and become an entrepreneur by making the software and selling it to the international market.

This is a most recommended course for the aspiring software developers. You need not be an expert to start learning this course. But at the end of completing this course you will become an expert industrial developer.

This course also teaches the basics and the advanced concepts of Crystal reports development.

Course Content

  1. Introduction
  1. Object Oriented Thinking
  1. Hello World Program
Language Features
  1. Memory Management
  1. ALU
  1. Console Output
  1. Console Input
  1. Control Statements
  1. Looping Statements
  1. Functions And Subroutines
  1. Arrays
Practice Programs
  1. Sum Of Even Integers
  1. Product Of Odd Integers
  1. Factorial Table
  1. Histogram
  1. Smallest Of Several Integers
  1. Text Analysis
  1. Vowel And Consonant Counting
  1. Heat Analysis
  1. Color Analysis
  1. Ice Water Steam
  1. Str Rev
  1. Number Pyramid
Random Numbers
  1. Random Numbers
File Operations
  1. Create A File
  1. Process Text File
  1. File - Machine Readings
Introduction to Class
  1. Class - Introduction
  1. Class - Read Only Property - Private And Shared Members
  1. Class - Constructors And Finalize
Variable Scope & Debugging
  1. Variable Scope And Life Time
  1. Debugging
Windows Forms
  1. Creating First Windows Application
  1. Analysing the Concepts Involved In First Windows Application
  1. Circle Form
  1. Circle With Business Object
  1. Employee Form
  1. Employee Form With Save Load Provision
  1. Simple Document Interface
  1. Multiple Document Interface
  1. Menu Strip Status Bar Tool Bar
  1. Form Properties
  1. Form Properties - Layout Properties
  1. Form Properties - Window Style - Properties
  1. Form Events
  1. Form Methods
  1. Form Mouse Events
Windows Controls-1
  1. Controls - Anchor And Docking
  1. Controls - Key Press Events
  1. Controls - Focus And Validation Events
  1. Text Box
  1. Numeric Up Down Control
  1. Date Time Picker
  1. Label
  1. Link Label
  1. Button
  1. Group Box And Radio Button
  1. Check Box
Windows Controls-2
  1. List View Image List
  1. Creating Land Measurement Class
  1. Land Measurement Forms
  1. Land Measurement Load And List View
Windows Controls-3
  1. Combo Box And List Box
  1. Panel
  1. Progress Bar
  1. Dialog Boxes
  1. Rich Text Box
  1. Tab Control
  1. Timer
  1. Picture Box
Database, ADO Object-I
  1. Introduction To Database
  1. Trading Project
  1. Structure Query Language
  1. ADO- Basics
  1. ADO - Interface
  1. ADO - Data Table Concept
Building Project (Part-I)
  1. Starting Trading Solution
  1. Application Settings
  1. Get Data Table
  1. List Viewfrom Data Table
  1. Data Grid View
  1. Data Grid View - Customizing
  1. Data Grid View - Events And Methods
  1. Combo Box With Data Table
  1. Concept Of CRUD
  1. Supplier BO
  1. Testing Create Function
  1. Supplier-Read
  1. Supplier-Listing
  1. Supplier-Update And Delete
  1. Supplier Master - Navigation
  1. Supplier Master - Find
  1. Supplier Master - Modify
  1. Supplier Master - Save
  1. Assignment 1
ADO Object-II
  1. Looping Through ADO Objects
User Controls
  1. User Control
  1. UserControl - Find
  1. User Control - New Modify Save Cancel Actions
Building Project (Part-II)
  1. SalesEntry - Building BO And DAL
  1. Sales Entry - Creating Front End
  1. New Modify
  1. Sales Entry - Add Detail View
  1. Sales Entry - Detail View - Combo Box Binding
  1. Sales Entry - Save Detail Table Using Update Table
Crystal Reports
  1. Crystal Reports
  1. Cystal Reports - Customer List Design
  1. Crystal Reports - Customer List Preview
  1. Sales Bill - Header Part
  1. Sales Bill - Detail And Footer

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At the end of the successful course completion, we are offering a industry recoginzed certificate. Our certificates are recognized for its demo of candidate's performance, perfection and the quality of outputs delivered by our alumni of our academy. You will feel proud in holding a course completion certificate from us.



Very easy to learn in mother tongue and to apply in program I have forwarded the link to all our friends


A good Start for even an experienced coder

A. V. Sathyanarayanan

Good positive input - for a fresher like me


Very useful course sir. I liked learning in mother tongue very clearly.


Good sir I like your all courses

Parvathy Devi R S

I like this course very much..

Sudhakar Vasa

Very good course that I got individual attention to learn vb.net