Wordpress and Theme Devlopment

WordPress is an Open Source software system used by millions of people around the world to create beautiful websites and blogs. It is completely customisable by the use of themes and plugins.

Themes can be easily downloaded from the official WordPress site or from hundreds of other places around the web. The same goes with plugins, which are used to extend the functionality of your WordPress site.

As well as being a fantastic blogging and content management system, one of the huge benefits is the wealth of information out there. There’s a great community of people behind the design & development of the WordPress system itself. People from all over the world contribute their time, knowledge and skill to keeping WordPress updated and secure.

There’s also a huge number of designers, developers & bloggers who share their knowledge through blog posts, tutorials, reviews, videos and the creation of thousands of themes & plugins.

WordPress powers a staggering amount of websites. In fact, it powers over 29% of the whole web! Everything from personal blogs to large corporate websites.

Course Content

  1. Introduction
  1. Overview
  1. Installation
  1. Exploring Wordpress
Developer Analysis
  1. Core Architecture
  1. Posts
  1. Wordpress settings
  1. Categories & Tags
  1. Adding Media
  1. Links
  1. Pages & Comments
  1. Plugins
  1. User Management
  1. Appearance
Theme Development
  1. Theme Development
  1. Core Idea of Theme
  1. Stage 2 Development
  1. Stage 2 Functions
  1. Menu, Side bar and Footer
  1. Advanced Options
  1. Conclusion
Professional wordpress theme
  1. Readymade templates
  1. HTML Pages
  1. Setting up Idea theme
  1. Creating header
  1. Creating footer
  1. Index body
  1. Setting up menu
  1. Services Page
  1. Pricing and Portfolio pages
  1. Blog Page
  1. Changing post contents
  1. Blog Paging
  1. Blog sidebar
  1. Blog Post Page
  1. Blog comments
  1. Archives & Conclusion

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Dhirendra Gupta

No classes or institutes ever speak about what's being asked in interviews and that is one of the many reasons why this tutorial is unique.


I learn many times to put a program but not able to put. but after see this videos. I am very much clear in my idea and now I put many program of my own thank you


Very easy to learn in mother tongue and to apply in program I have forwarded the link to all our friends