Collectiva Knowledge Academy

COLLECTIVA KNOWLEDGE ACADEMY from Soft Hands Software Services, introducing a new way of learning the latest technologies. The core part of this website is that we provide technical training to the students in different courses through our mother tongue TAMIL.

If you are aware that technology leading countries like Japan, German, France, China and some other countries teach all high technologies through their mother tongue which gives 100% result to understand the exact message.

95% of students face the difficulties to understand a program because it is completely taught in English, they always end with confusion and fedups. Whereas when they are taught in Tamil even the average performing students will understand the course completely and succeed in programming. We request the students of Tamilnadu to make use of our service to learn the technology better and come up in the life higher.

Why Choose Us?

The main benefits of choosing our courses than from our competitor is that all the courses in this site are handled by a single instructor, having more than 25 years of real time development experience. Hence there is no ambiguity in choosing a course.

Also, many of our students boost up their confidence, that if a single person can learn so many languages why can't we master few of them?

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CKA Android APP

Now, you can start learning all our courses using our Android Application: CKA App download url or simply scan the below QR code from your android mobile.


Highlights of our Courses

100% Practical Oriented

Getting bored with class room teachings from the day one of your schooling. Relax. Our courses are designed to impart 100% industry standard practical oriented training. Getting training with us is equalent to working in the industry. You will be able to excel in the interview and grab your job.

Experienced Faculty

Our lesson plans and curriculm are being prepared by experienced staff. You wil be amazed at spending time with them. You will be able to pick up enormous amount of knowledge in a short span of time.

Flexible Timings

Finding time for the students and the professionals is a daunting task today in this competitive market scenario. At the same time, constantly learning the new technologies are must to keep pace in the industry. Our courses are designed to choose your free time to upgrade your knowledge to the next level.

Individual Attention

Learn with a difference. Computer courses and Spoken English are better learned only by studying it individually. Because the student will be able to see and better understand & simulate the same to get the practice. Our courses are designed to impart training individually.

Lowest Course Fee

Our course fee are very affordable for any one. Our aim is to take this unique education to the nook and corner of Tamilnadu. In this way, there will be huge enterpreneurs serving the humanity from their native place itself.

Assured Results

No course is going to complete without achieving good results. Our students have got much reputation in the industry for their application of mind and technology that they learned with us. You too can become one of them and shine brilliantly in your own environment.

Flexible Study Modes

Learn Online

Having computer or laptop with internet connection? Then this is the mode for you. You can register online, immediately get access to the selected course and start learning at your convenient timings.

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Learn Offline

Having computer or laptop but no internet or slower internet connection? Then this is the mode for you.

You can get the selected course through our Pen Drive install the offline software, and start learning the course immediately. No internet connection required.

You can get the Pen Drive courses at your nearest shops.

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