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English has become a vital language for the entire world. Every student from even a small village has to acquire this knowledge in order to survive in this highly competitive technologically advanced workspace.

Although many parents are opting to join their children in Matriculation schools, not all the students have got this opportunity. Still about 70% of the students are studying in Government Tamil medium schools. Hence our company has a mission to take English to the entire student community within the year 2022.

Our teaching method is very unique and is only applicable for those who have studied at least 8th standard. Using our teaching method students will be able to easily master the art of forming haphazard words into meaningful sentences. What was once appeared to be fear factor has now become uplifting ladder. Reading, Wrting, and Speaking will not be a myth anymore after learning Spoken English with us.

Towards this great mission, we are in need of help from computer centres to participate in taking english to the every child in our Tamilnadu state. We also avail attractive share of fees for our franchise. You will become a part of ISO 9001:2008 enterprise and earn good fame and respectability in the society.

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Who is eligible?

  1. Any computer centre with internet connection.
  2. Willing to reach the public, service the community and earn money.
  3. No need of Spoken English teaching faculty. Our online course will take care of that.
  4. You will simply guide the students and motivate them to study regularly.

Marketing Tools

Once you become a Franchise, we offer many marketing tools such as brochures, slips etc. and assist you by posting media advertisements to join students.

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